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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Crazy Squirrel Saga continues!

Ok, I'm really getting close to borrowing my brother's sling-shot & pelting the crap out of this damn squirrel. Evidently he now has eaten all of those peanuts he found or he can't remember where he hid them (any flower pot that he could find around the neighborhood!)so he's lacking nutrution & feels the need to EAT my PLASTIC Martha Stewart table cloth! What the hell drives a squirrel to eat plastic?!......Wait, don't tell me he using it to build a nest for the winter....dammit!

Here are some incriminating photos I have of him in the act:

Here's a video I found n YouTube that seems to portray a squirrel doing the victory dance that my terrorizing squirrel probably does when I'm not home & he's successfully destroyed my flowers, then secretly hid peanuts in the pots, & ate have my table cover over the period of a week:


Rachel said...

Well I suggest that you keep all this evidence handy for when the animal right activists haul you to court for squirrel killing. What are you doing buying a Martha Stewart tablecloth?? lol

ktown said...

Maybe the squirrel doesn't like Martha Stewart. Maybe they are partial to Crate & Barrel?