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Friday, July 13, 2007

National "Embrace your inner Geek" day

When someone's computer acts up, do they come to you? Do you sigh as you walk over to the copier when a fellow co-worker panics when the red "jam" light appears? Do you find yourself making Napoleon-like comments to people? and the final question- do you have a blog? If the answer is yes to atleast 2 of these, you have geek potential, sorry! But don't worry, today's your day to "Embrace your inner Geek". Take pride when that person comes to you & no one else to fix their computer. Or when people stand in awe when you unjam the copier w/ one swift geek-like move.
....& yes, I'm totally a geek for posting this!

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-R said...

Ah, yes, I pride myself on my geekdom as it pays my bills!! Right there with you Missy!