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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Conspiracies & Mysteries in an Office

I've been noticing a few strange things around the office in the past week or so that I've realized have occured at other offices I've worked at. For those of us that work in an office there are many mysteries & conspiracies that happen. Below are some - maybe one day they will be solved.

1) Jammed Staplers or Staplers out of Staples: why is it that there are always a couple of staplers out for community use in the office but yet all of them mysteriously all stay jammed or they never gain any staples.....how is it that people are stapling their papers?

2) Copier only has enough paper in it for the last person's copy job: why do people only put enough paper (maybe a 1/4 of a ream) in the copier when it's out of paper, just so the copier can finisher their job? If you're going to take that much effort into splitting up a ream of paper, come on people!

3) Walk away from the Copier Syndrome: This is another issue that occurs w/ the copier. There seems to be many people that become afflicted w/ this illness. It's when the red "jam" light appears on the copier & that said person suddenly becomes distraught & results to taking their originals out of the copier & just walking away hoping no one will notice what just happened.

4) The Pen Black Hole: although I haven't figured out the quantum mechanics on this one, I have a feeling they end up where those lost faxes & socks from the dryer go.

5) Dirty Dishes Ghost: some offices have a kitchen that people can wash their dishes in.....some even have a drying rack conveniently next to the sink so you don't have to wash AND dry all at once (I know, what a pain that would be!). Although I'm sure there's plenty of signs posted around the sink area explaining that the office staff won't wash your dishes, dishes (especially cups) slowly seem to accumulate in the sink to be washed. I want to blame it on a ghost as our staff would NEVER leave dirty dishes for us even when they were told several times about it. The next step is checking into a surveillance camera pointed at the sink.

6) New Invention: Neverending Papertowel & Toilet Paper Dispenser Replenisher (NEPT&TPDR for short): There's evidently a new machine I wasn't aware of that automatically replenishes the papertowels & toilet paper rolls. I say this b/c it appears that the person to use the last papertowel or toilet paper seems to think some will just reappear & doesn't bother to get anymore themselves. It must be like the refrigerator light - it goes off only when the door is shut so no matter how slowly you close the door & watch w/ one eye in the small crack, you'll never be able to see it go off.

I haven't come across anymore office mysteries than these, but you can gladly send your stories to me so we know this goes on in more offices than we know.

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