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Friday, August 3, 2007

Car Color Theory

Ok, I've been thinking (I know, that usually is dangerous) & I've come up w/ what I call the Car Color Theory. It explains what your personality is depending on the color of your car. What astonished me was that when I told other people about this theory, they agreed that it held true. **please keep in mind that the CCT is only referring to newer cars NOT classic cars.

Black (even cooler is black on black): This is the stealth driver. They have confidence in what they do & sometimes are a little more aggressive, but not waiving their hands around, jumping & screaming "hey look at me". They're sleek & sophisticated. Black tends to be a more manly color but watch out for those women that drive black cars too, they mean business so don't piss one off!

Red: This is Black's over the top counter-part. Reds tend to have confidence that might be taken as cockiness. They also tend to be a more aggressive driver than black (if that's possible!). While Black is stealth in getting noticed b/c they're already confident, Red needs to draw attention to it's self for confidence. They will drive aggressively, scream, yell, flip people off, whatever they have to do to get noticed.

White: This is generally a girly color but men can be found many times in a more manly brand car, many times a SUV (ex: Escalade, Hummer, Lexus & Cadillac). This is clean, classy & sophisticated color - Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. On the other hand "Ritch Bitch" can also be associated w/ this color- "I'm better than you so don't waste my time" attitude. With the younger girls you will find them in say a VW Cabriolet w/ the top down. Unless you want drama & you want to work to support their high class taste, you should avoid at all costs. Men in white cars might act this way too.

Navy Blue : A NB driver had dreams of becoming a Black driver, but never has enough balls to do so. They're quiet & reserved but there's a Black driver that lives deep down inside. They don't have attitude, but they still get enough repsect to not get pushed around.

Green (includes Hunter Green, a dark Teal & a lighter Silverish Green) : These are generally friendly people. They have such traits as happiness, optimistism & always willing to lend a helping hand. The glass is always 1/2 full w/ them. They can also be "green" as an ambassador for economical issues such as global warming. Although they don't drive aggressively, they still can hold their own.

Silver: People that pick this color of a car are very indecisive in everything they do. They didn't have enough balls to go for the Black or Red, they're definately not anything like a White driver & they're not happy-go-lucky like the green drivers. They took the safe route & picked the in the middle of the road color. One of their reasons for buying it would be b/c dirt doesn't show up very easily on it. Although they are very indecisive, they can have a rebel side. If that light up ahead changes to yellow, they might just go for it! They also can tend to drive faster than normal & find themselves getting a few speeding tickets (note: Black drivers can speed but never get caught)

Silvery Light Blue: These are the people that generally won't stand up for themselves & and have a quiet nature to them. They get pushed around & are taken advantage of in traffic situations. You would most likely never see them flip someone off. They also usually do the speed limit, if not 5 below just to be safe.

Bold Blue (ex: "Dodge" Blue): This is usually a younger generation color - a lot of high school/college kids have this color car. They sometimes can be cocky in their own juvenile way & can really push Black's patience. Bold Blue is Red's early years so there tends to be some open competition & altercations between the two. If you thought Red got tickets for stupid shit, Bold Blue will amaze you.

Biege: Older people generally drive this color. If you ever find yourself buying a biege car, you're plainly displaying your "old" tendencies. If you're in your 20s or 30s & buy a biege car god help you! If your parents give you a biege car when you turn 16, you will definately NOT get the respect you'll seem to demand when driving.

Maroon: This also tends to be an older person color, but w/ more balls. They're young at heart & refuse to do "old people stuff". A car that tends to always appear in this color is an Oldsmobile.

Yellow: This should NOT be a car color choice unless you're driving a VW Bettle (new or old), a cool classic mustang or a damn bus! If you're a Yellow driver you will never get any respect on the road. Some examples of cars that can be found in this rediculous color is Ford Focus', various makes of SUVs, Mitsubishi Lancers & sadly enough I have to say I have seen atleast 2 yellow colored Audi A4s driving around my area. I'm not even sure why Audi ever offered this color as it's a disgrace to the Audi name!

The following are colors that are even worse than Yellow. If you're driving one of the colors listed next, you should be ashamed of yourself! You're also probably driving a crappy out of date 80s or early 90s vehicle. If you're driving a multi colored car you probably live in Reading & have no hope.
Powder Blue; Pink (not even commenting on that!); Snot Green; Brown; Turquoise; Aquamarine or Seafoam green; Purple (what were you thinking!); & finally Magenta (wow, you ARE "special")

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Rachel said...

YAY - I am light green and I like your theory, I think it fits me!! TY MISSI!