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Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekly Random Thoughts

Ok, here's some random thoughts I've had over the past week. I'll leave it to you to wonder how long I actually thought about these things, ha!

1) ....don't people use their turning signals anymore?
2) ....do Hispanics/Mexicans/Latinos - whatever the hell they're called- always think I speak spanish!?
3) ....did the NY lady in starbucks the other morning actually ask to have a "splash of water" in her coffee? - what the hell is that!?
4) ....do I feel the urge to think I'm smart & reinact a Mythbusters myth-busting stunt!?
5) ....do I still want to kill every squirrel that crosses my path when I'm driving?
6) ....are leather seats awesome in the winter but suck in the summer....especially black!
7) ....do people text me when they could just call me? - if you have enough time to actually punch in all of those letters, you could've just called.
8) ....can Comcast make you take it up the ass & charge outrageous fees for cable & internet?
9) ....does the chinese lady that moved in nextdoor feel the need to talk on her phone outside - what the hell's the matter w/ talking inside?
10)...did my Art History textbook cost $150!? - damn them all to hell!
11)...is a DVR and Sirius radio so friggin awesome!
12)...can't I get new glasses AND contacts in the same calendar year dammit!
13)...do people call you back literally seconds after you've left a voice message & ask what you wanted?! - FIRST listen to your damn messages people THEN call me back!...this thought mostly applies to people I work w/ .

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Rachel said...

I am one of those people in #13. I hate messages. I actually hate the phone period. That being said, I am not a #7 person, because that requires touching the phone. Too funny, Missi